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Science & Technology

The NCCS provides state-of-the-art supercomputing and data services for scientific and engineering research, serving a user community based at NASA centers and laboratories and universities across the country and internationally.
The unique capabilities and locality of the NCCS enable us to connect NASA’s Earth observational missions and data with the scientists and engineers who use that data to initiate and validate their models and algorithms. Yet, as observations of the Earth and the universe grow, so does the complexity of the questions. Therefore, the NCCS continually improves its capabilities and develops new technological solutions to support expanding user research, designing our services to enable our user community to fulfill their mission objectives faster and with greater accuracy.
Current NCCS efforts include developing and applying advanced data, analytics, and visualization services for both small and large datasets. Applications range from the continuous real-time transmission, acquisition, and transformation of satellite data to large-scale observation and model data analysis. Also under development are advanced information technologies and services, including emerging computing and data hardware and software as well as optimized system and user productivity tools.