// SMCE System Overview

The Advanced Information Systems Technology (AIST) program within the Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) identifies, develops, and demonstrates advanced information system technologies to meet the emerging requirements across the Earth Science Division (ESD). A critical component of the success of AIST projects is access to cost effective, flexible, and scalable compute and storage infrastructure. The Science Managed Cloud Environment (SMCE) is a managed Amazon Web Service (AWS) based infrastructure for NASA funded projects that can leverage cloud computing capabilities. This environment is designed to:

  • Provide cloud access to NASA PIs with non-NASA team members.
  • Perform research using new computing capabilities without extensive start-up time.
  • Use new tools and methods from AWS’s product catalogue easily and affordably.
  • Scale computing for high-demand, high-bandwidth needs.

Who can get access to the SMCE?

While the SMCE was started to meet the needs of AIST projects, any NASA project that can leverage AWS public-cloud capabilities can get access to the SMCE.

How to request access and start a project:

Principal Investigators interested in establishing a project within the SMCE should contact the SMCE Management Team. This request can either be sent directly to CISTO Chief Daniel Duffy (daniel.q.duffy@nasa.gov) or by submitting a ticket to the NCCS Support Team (support@nccs.nasa.gov) with “SMCE – New Project Request” in the title of the email.

Upon receipt of the request from the Project PI, the SMCE Management Team will meet with the Project Team to gather requirements and determine feasibility. The SMCE Management Team helps the project staff develop an initial cost estimate and proposed funding levels. The SMCE Management Team and the Project Team will then jointly determine whether or not to proceed.

Who pays for the resources?

The projects pay for the AWS resources used in the SMCE. See the cost page for more information.

For more information...

If you are interested in the SMCE or have further questions, please contact us through the following: