The NCCS Emblem


// NASA Center for Climate Simulation 

The NCCS emblem celebrates the Earth and space science communities served by the computing center and honors the memory of Piers Sellers, former deputy director of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The design's grassy green, vibrant blue, and warm gold elements reference the natural forces that NCCS users study: Earth, atmosphere, ocean, and Sun. The single gold star above the globe signifies the unique contribution of light, energy, and direction brought to the NCCS by Sellers and reflects his experiences as a climate scientist and astronaut. The additional white stars represent the broad community of users across all science disciplines. The gold swoosh conveys the warmth of the Sun; its geometry reflects the orbital paths of the many Earth – and space – observing satellites from which the NCCS processes data.

The blue of the NCCS letters is echoed in the continental parts of the globe's data. The green continental areas outside the swoosh signify raw, unprocessed data from nature. "High-Performance Science" appears in that same green, as does the other outer element, the satellite within the swoosh.

Every element frames the NCCS within technology and the natural environment, which – through modeling – enables our science community to discover crucial knowledge to the benefit of humanity and the planet.


To download the full NCCS emblem, click here.