// Supercomputing 

Supercomputers are the fastest class of computers available at any time. At the NCCS, supercomputers solve complex, data-centric problems by concentrating the processing power of thousands of computers in parallel.

Our Discover supercomputer combines the latest multicore processors, large amounts of memory per core, and high-speed interconnects to meet the ever-increasing computing demands of science and engineering models.

Supercomputers are well-suited for large-scale, tightly coupled jobs, with applications including:

  • High-resolution global weather forecasting
  • Seasonal to annual climate prediction
  • Climate change projection
  • Space weather modeling
  • Galaxy and star formation
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Structural analysis

The Discover Cluster

The NCCS is home to the Discover supercomputer, a 108,000-core cluster ideal for the large, complex, communications-intensive problems of NASA scientists and engineers.


// Fulfilling User Requirements 

Successful Supercomputing Use Case

The following case study shows how supercomputing has benefitted our clients:

NASA Global Weather Fore..

How flexible access to supercomputing resources on Discover enabled doubling the forecast model’s spatial resolution and other advances to...

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