The NCCS specializes in facilitating cross-disciplinary science by providing platforms large enough to download, process, and share data in one location, thereby saving time and resources for our user community. Researchers may access and share results with colleagues, the greater scientific community, and the public.

Users may publish data products through a variety of services, including classic technologies long used in the climate science community (e.g., HTTPS Download, OPeNDAP, both THREDDS and GDS); federated technologies (e.g., Earth System Grid Federation); and advanced analytics (e.g., Earth Data Analytics Service, CDS API).

DATA Requirements

The data to be shared must be public data. The NCCS will not provide data services for data that is restricted by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation).

Access may be either:

  • Restricted to a known group of users (usually for data still being processed or analyzed)
  • Unrestricted, i.e. open to the public (usually a data product)


  1. Submit a ticket to the NCCS by sending an email to support@nccs.nasa.gov.
    You will be asked to do the following:

  2. Complete a GSFC "Export Control Checklist" form (GSFC 25-49), showing that the data owner agrees to make the data publicly available.
    To complete the form:

    • Fill in the title describing the data
    • Select an "Exemption" (most likely "Exemption II - Scientific Data”)
    • Obtain the signature of the appropriate NASA Civil Servant
    • Scan the signed form, and email it to support@nccs.nasa.gov

  3. Respond to a set of questions including:

    • Expected size of dataset
    • Planned growth of dataset
    • Eventual disposition of dataset when it is no longer needed
    • Name of Data Owner and Data Curator
    • Data services of interest