// Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing offers customizable operating environments that enable researchers to process and analyze large datasets using the analytics solution of their choice. Clouds are also adept at hosting online services, including those for sharing data and documents.

Cloud computing is well-suited for both large-scale, loosely coupled jobs and small-scale, tightly coupled jobs. Applications include:

  • Data analysis and sharing
  • Document development and sharing
  • Image rendering
  • Visualization
  • Web-based data servicing


// Adapt Science Cloud

ADAPT combines high-performance computing and virtualization technologies to create an on-site private cloud. This managed virtual machine (VM) environment is specifically designed for large-scale data analytics. The system allows scientists and engineers to bring their applications to the data and define the environment in which those applications run. In some cases, curated science results may be stored for future analysis or shared with other users.


// Goddard Private Cloud (GPC)

Drawing on its experience with the Advanced Data Analytics Platform (ADAPT), the NCCS is partnering with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Sciences and Exploration Directorate (Code 600) and Information Technology and Communications Directorate (Code 700) on building and operating the GPC—a prototype private cloud environment for running modeling and data analysis applications and hosting online services.


// ESTO AIST Managed Cloud Environment (AMCE)

The Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) Advanced Information Systems Technology Program (AIST) and the NCCS are jointly operating the AMCE, which provides secure access to the Amazon Web Services infrastructure for NASA and non-NASA partners to carry out science and technology development research, analyze and share data, and develop and share documents.


// Cloud Bursting (through ADAPT)

ADAPT is able to facilitate cloud bursting into a commercial cloud service, providing access to vast amounts of virtual machines for processing user data. While this reduces a project’s duration, there are significant costs associated with data retrieval and data-at-rest. Therefore, it is imperative that users develop an in-depth data processing plan and have the resources allocated before starting to work with a commercial cloud provider.

// Fulfilling User Requirement 

Successful Cloud Computing Use Cases

The following case studies show how cloud computing has benefitted our clients:

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