CREATE-V is an interactive web-based tool that allows users to visualize reanalysis data stored in CREATE (the Collaborative REAnalysis Technical Environment). The tool was created to support reanalysis intercomparison and climate change investigation.

To reduce the time and effort required by scientists to download and reformat data from numerous data providers, the NCCS has partnered with atmospheric reanalysis centers (NASA, NOAA, EMCWF, and JMA) and the CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations Panel (GSOP) to reprocess atmosphere and ocean reanalyses into CMIP5-compliant format, and has made them available to scientists through ESGF and THREDDS. An atmosphere ensemble (Multiple Reanalysis Ensemble) has been generated and published. Hourly surface temperature combined with Climatic Research Unit datasets have been published in CREATE in ESGF.

The NCCS developed CREATE-V to enable scientists to explore variables, dates, and levels, and to visualize the data side by side to identify features for future study. Aerosol forecast data from the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) has been added to CREATE-V. GIS services for reanalysis datasets are now coming online.


The Collaborative REAnalysis Technical Environment (CREATE) collects reanalysis data into one centralized location on ADAPT.



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  • MERRA2
  • ERA Interim
  • CFSR
  • MRE


Choose from multiple variables including reanalysis or forecast, and atmosphere or ocean.