// NASA Center for Climate Simulation 

The NCCS provides high performance computing for NASA-sponsored scientists and engineers. Our integrated set of computational capabilities includes High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Analytics, Data Sharing and Tools, Visualization, and Climate Data Services. The purpose of the NCCS is to enhance NASA capabilities in Earth science, with an emphasis on weather and climate prediction, and to enable future scientific discoveries that will benefit humankind.

Our user community spans NASA centers, laboratories, and universities across the globe.

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// HEC Program

The NASA High-End Computing (HEC) Program includes both the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Facility at NASA Ames Research Center and the NCCS at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. While NAS serves the broad spectrum of NASA customers, NCCS focuses on NASA’s science community.


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// Leadership

The NCCS is led by a team of computer scientists and technical specialists.





The NCCS specializes in computer sicence, high performance computing, machine learning, data analytics, and other related fields.