The NCCS expands scientific and engineering frontiers by providing advanced, useable, agile, and efficient high performance computing services.


// Behind Our Mission

The NCCS meets its mission by:

//  Maintaining and operating the NCCS facility at NASA Goddard, which includes large productions supercomputing and cloud services, data storage, local and wide area networking, and user services designed to push the envelope of state-of-the-art global climate simulations and related applications.

//  Developing and applying advanced data services, analytics, and visualization designed for both small and large data form the continuous real-time transmission, acquisition, and transformation of satellite date to large-scale observation and model data analysis.

//  Exploring and developing advanced information technologies and services, such as emerging computing and data hardware and software, system and user productivity tools.

//  Providing a complete set of computing solutions for science that can rapidly respond to changing requirements, as well as changing technology, by providing support services from low-level system administration to high-level application support for the NASA scientific community.

// Our Values

Our organizational values are the driving force behind all that we do in assisting science and engineering innovations.

Customer/User Focus




// Strategic Objectives


1. The NCCS is recognized as a critical partner for NASA scientists and engineers, providing advanced computing systems and services (with an emphasis on weather, climate, and mission support), that continue to evolve to meet the expanding high performance cyberinfrastructure requirements across science and engineering.


2. The NCCS will evolve its systems and services toward an Exascale computing paradigm, while developing unique and innovative computing solutions that meet customer requirements by leveraging technological advances in data analytics, machine learning, virtualization, visualization, data curation (data repository), and big data services.

3. The NCCS recognizes its funding limits and therefore works towards increasing efficiency and simplifying work processes, prioritizing projects/workload, and reducing services that fall outside of its mission and/or provide less value for customers.


4. The NCCS promotes a culture of continuous improvement whereby leadership and employees strive to improve system/service capabilities, inter/intra-team collaboration, and the customer experience.


5. The NCCS culture champions diversity and inclusion, nurtures NCCS values, namely innovation, integrity, teamwork (collaboration), and customer focus, and encourages staff to grow, take risks, feel ownership of their work, and become leaders in their industry.