// Data Sharing & Tools 

In recent years, the NCCS has expanded its data sharing and tools capabilities for users. Our service portfolio now includes data collections spanning the realms of atmosphere, water, and land; powerful data tools enabling discovery, download, visualization, and analytics; and the means for scientists to share their research and datasets with colleagues, the greater scientific community, and the public.

// Data Collections

Available data collections include atmosphere, ocean, land, and flood data, both current and historical, as well as operational Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) weather analysis data and forecasts that are updated four times daily. Scientists can also share their curated datasets with colleagues and the greater scientific community.


// Data Tools & Protocols

NCCS tools enable discovery, download, visualization, and analytics, providing easier access to user data and curated data collections. Tools include those commonly used by the science community as well as locally written and maintained tools designed to highlight weather analysis and forecasting and reanalysis intercomparison.

We support commonly used protocols to serve a broad range of scientific users. Available protocols include https, OPeNDAP, and GIS. Additional protocols may be added upon request.


// Sharing Research Data

The NCCS specializes in facilitating cross-disciplinary science by providing platforms large enough to download, process, and share data in one location, thereby saving time and resources for our user community. Scientists can now access and share results with colleagues, the greater scientific community, and the public.


// DataPortal

The DataPortal empowers NCCS users to share data produced on NCCS computing systems with the scientific community and public. This system hosts a variety of data services, ranging from HTTPS to geographic information systems.


// Data Sharing & Tools: FAQ 

Looking for more information on how to use our Data Collections and/or Tools? See our Frequently Asked Questions:


// Fulfilling User Requirements 

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