// Visualization 

Visualization—sometimes called scientific visualization—provides a window into reams of observational and simulation data by creating graphical representations that communicate to researchers and public alike. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, visualizations are worth billions of bytes, both elucidating and simplifying big data.

The NCCS Remote Visualization system allows users to visualize their data by leveraging software tools residing in a high-performance computing environment. Users may also showcase their results on the hyperwall in the NCCS Data Visualization Theater.

// Remote Visualization

Remote Visualization provides an interactive environment for visualizing model data in the location where it is created. With its powerful graphics cards and robust software suite, users can visualize and analyze data from their desktops/laptops quickly and efficiently and download the rendered images without having to download large data files.


//  GIS Mapping


The NCCS Spatial Analytics Platform supports NASA scientists and partners by providing a centralized and highly available geospatial environment, featuring collaborative analytics through the use of advanced visualization and custom applications.



create-v icon

CREATE-V is an interactive tool that visualizes reanalysis (a comprehensive record of how weather and climate changes over time) to enable reanalysis intercomparison and climate change investigation.


// Hyperwall/Data Visualization Theater

Our 15-screen hyperwall showcases awe-inspiring visuals created by NASA scientists and data visualizers. Attend a presentation to learn more about NASA research while enjoying high-definition movies of simulation results, data visualizations, animations, and other imagery created by the Scientific Visualization Studio.

NCCS users may display their visualized results and offer presentations to invited guests and/or Goddard-hosted tour groups. The NCCS hyperwall also offers a scalable amplified group environment for data interaction and collaboration.


Service Consultation

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