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Our analytics services combine NCCS compute power with leading-edge, customizable software tools and web-based interfaces to accelerate discovery with observational and computer model datasets. As the availability and volume of Earth science data grow, researchers are challenged with downloading and processing data, in addition to performing scientific research. Our goal at the NCCS is to simplify the computing process for our users while expanding our portfolio of services to enable analytics on both curated and user-generated datasets.

The analytics performed at the NCCS is varied, encompassing mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling and machine-learning techniques to find patterns and derive meaning from the data. When powerful compute is combined with sophisticated analytical algorithms, user queries can yield deeper information from the data. Users may access analytics tools available at the NCCS, or they may bring their own analytics software and tools to our systems for processing. Depending upon the needs of our users, the NCCS provides multiple levels of Analytic Services.


// Discover Analytics

The Discover supercomputer offers a traditional, high-performance computing environment for running atmosphere, ocean, and land data assimilation systems (NCCS account holders only).


// ADAPT Analytics

ADAPT offers a customizable analytics environment open to development for the power user (NCCS account holders only).


// NCCS Analytics Tools 

The NCCS offers analytics tools with access to curated datasets on select applications for a large array of users, including the public.



The NCCS Spatial Analytics Platform supports NASA scientists and partners by providing a centralized and highly available geospatial environment, featuring tight integration with NCCS’s high performance computing capabilities, accelerated collaborative analytics through the use of advanced visualization and custom applications, and the ability to quickly process vast amounts of data.


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The Collaborative REAnalysis Technical Environment (CREATE) collects all available reanalysis data into one centralized location. CREATE-V is an interactive tool that visualizes the data and provide basic analytics functionality in support of reanalysis intercomparison and climate change investigation.


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For making queries on reanalysis datasets, the Reanalysis Ensemble Service (RES)  supports web service access to consumer applications, a graphical user interface for interactive requests, a command line interface for users familiar with basic RES commands, and advanced programmatic access for Python-savvy users.


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The NCCS offers data processing and publication services via Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF). ESGF provides access to CMIP5 climate model data, and allows scientists to search, download, and visualize distributed data.


Programming Options:

  • Jupyter notebooks customizable by the user
  • Dask and xarray capabilities (providing advanced parallelism for analytics)
  • Python scripts (that users bring to the NCCS)

// Fulfilling User Requirement 

Successful Analytics Use Case

The following case study shows how analytics has benefitted our clients:

Accelerated Data Process...

How co-located data projected onto multiple Virtual Machines on ADAPT radically saved time, effort, and resources for ABoVE's study on...

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