NCCS Announces a New,
On-Premise GitLab Service!

Service Overview

The NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) announces a new, easy-to-access, on-premise GitLab service for collaborative software development!

The NCCS GitLab, delivered as a single application, fosters cross-functional discussions and collaboration between scientists and developers. It is a complete DevOps platform that can be used for software development, agile project management, and as a ticketing system. A continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) capability will be added to the NCCS GitLab in the near future.

The NCCS GitLab offers revision control capabilities for data science and artificial intelligence (AI) artifacts, allowing developers and scientists to collaborate, review, and manage changes to project files, models, and scripts as they build, train, and deploy models and applications. The NCCS GitLab also provides a container registry for storing containers and small binary files to deploy in users' software applications.

Requesting NCCS GitLab Access

Users can access the NCCS GitLab instance via web browser or command line interface (CLI). In order to access NCCS GitLab, users must submit the following NAMS request: "NCCS (NASA Center for Climate Simulation) GitLab Service." If users have additional access requirements such as group membership, roles, or any other needs, they should submit a ticket to with the following email subject line: "NCCS GitLab." Include all user requirements in the email so those can be provisioned. All new requests for revision control projects will be set up on GitLab.

Accessing the Service

Once a user account has been provisioned, users log in to the web interface for the first time and accept the Terms of Use agreement. To access the service, visit and choose the option for “NASA Launchpad.” This step will redirect users to the GitLab interface (or, if using an RSA Token, to the Launchpad login session.)

GitLab University

To learn more about GitLab and its available features, users are encouraged to visit GitLab University. Available videos include instructions for migrating projects into agile and DevOps processes to speed up development time and productivity as well as how to migrate projects from CVS and local Git to GitLab. In the future, users will be notified about NCCS-hosted GitLab community brown bags.


Users can find NCCS GitLab instructions at:

Sean Keefe, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center