ThLinked by high-speed networks, NASA High-End Computing (HEC) Program Facilities serve agency-sponsored researchers nationwidee NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) is part of the NASA High-End Computing (HEC) Program, serving agency-sponsored researchers nationwide. The HEC Program maintains a comprehensive set of resources and services for the agency's four Mission Directorates, the NASA Engineering and Safety Center, external collaborators, and the nation. It combines high-end computing facilities and services located within the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Facility at Ames Research Center and the NCCS at Goddard Space Flight Center. NAS serves the broad spectrum of NASA customers, while NCCS focuses on the Science community.

Together, these facilities provide more than 435,000 processor cores and nearly 16 quadrillion (thousand trillion) floating point-operations per second (petaflops) peak of computing power to the NASA user community. The NAS and NCCS facilities have a long history of providing users with advanced computational technologies, mass storage solutions, network solutions, and other cutting-edge tools and technologies for solving today's science and engineering problems.