The NASA Reanalysis Ensemble Service Advanced Capabilities for Integrated Reanalysis Access and Intercomparison

Jian Li


NASA’s efforts to advance climate analytics-as-a-service are making new capabilities available to the research community:
(1) A full-featured Reanalysis Ensemble Service (RES) comprising monthly means data from multiple reanalysis data sets, accessible through an enhanced set of extraction, analytic, arithmetic, and intercomparison operations. The operations are made accessible through NASA's climate data analytics web services and our client-side Climate Data Services Python library.
(2) A cloud-based, high-performance Virtual Real-Time Analytics Testbed supporting select climate variables. This near realtime capability enables advanced technologies like Spark and Hadoop-based MapReduce analytics over native NetCDF files.
(3) A Web Processing Service (WPS)-compliant web interface to our climate data analytics service that enables interoperability with next-generation systems such as the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF).