// Using Progress

Progress is the version-control server available to users to store and share their codebase with other NCCS users. Users can request the following version control tools to set up their repositories: CVS, Subversion, Git, and Mercurial.

Please log in to the following page using your NCCS LDAP credentials, for more information related to Progress.

Progress Website

To request a new project send an email, with the information provided here, to NCCS Support.

// Progress FAQ

How do I change my password on Progress?

The Progress uses NCCS LDAP environment. You could change your password from online or on the Discover cluster, click here.

How do I set up a passwordless CVS environment on Progress and CVSACL?

  1. Generate ssh keys on the system from which you are connecting.
  2. Log-in here using NCCS LDAP password, and follow the instructions.
  3. Log-in here using NCCS LDAP password and follow the instructions for CVSACL.

How do I generate a public ssh key on my system?

To generate a public key, run the command-line program: $ ssh-keygen Note: you can use either protocol 1 or 2

The public key will be placed at ~/.ssh/identity.pub (protocol 1) and ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub or ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub (protocol 2).