NCCS provides SchedMD's Slurm resource manager for users to control their scientific computing jobs and workflows on the Discover supercomputer. This video gives instructions on how users can submit jobs to be scheduled, specifying resource requests such as CPU time, memory, as well as other options for optimizing productivity.

Use Slurm commands to request both interactive and batch access to Discover computational resources.

Reference NCCS online man pages first for full documentation of the currently installed version of all Slurm commands.

Additional Documentation can be found on the Slurm website.

Additional documentation

Note: May reflect a different version.

// Key Commands

Command Application
sbatch submit a batch job script for queueing and execution
salloc/xalloc submit an interactive job request
srun run a command within an existing job, on a subset of allocated resources
scancel cancel a queued or running job
squeue query the status of your job(s) or the job queue

NCCS Quality of Service

Slurm's Quality of Service (QoS) feature controls resource limits for every job in the Discover job queue.



Running Jobs

Learn how to run jobs on Discover.


Monitoring Jobs

Learn how to monitor jobs on discover using


Killing Jobs

Learn how to stop, or kill jobs on Discover using scancel.


Other Example Scripts

Look at some example script files that may be used to run a slurm job on Discover.



Job Enhancement

Use some of the techniques mentioned to enhance job performance, and finish your jobs faster.